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Building An Online Business ! – What I Have Learnt On My Journey Working Towards An Internet Laptop Lifestyle and Building An Online Business from Scratch

Like tens of thousands of people who explore ways to make money by building an online business, I looked for an opportunity that would allow me to eventually live an internet laptop lifestyle, earn affiliate, residual and high ticket income and enjoy time and financial freedom.

building an online business


Obviously when I started on my journey, I did not know how I would go about building an online business, but I knew that many are making six figure incomes every year from the Internet, and I wanted to learn how I could do this as well.

So I started my research and journey towards building an online business and I got very excited at all the various opportunities and internet marketing products that were out there. However, I soon found that it can be all too easy to buy one internet marketing product after another and that a lot of product owners were promoting a ‘quick route’ to riches. I learnt fast, after having paid out a lot of money on numerous products and services, that promises of making tons of money with no effort had to be challenged because this is just not true. What you get for nothing would be nothing and none of us can make money for nothing.

Internet marketing products can often make our working life easier but there is nothing out there that allows us to make money fast without putting the work in. I learnt that if I was looking for shortcuts, loopholes, a quick way to riches then maybe this Internet Laptop Lifestyle is not for me. However, I love working to build an internet laptop lifestyle and realize that anything that is worth having will require a lot of hard work and dedication.

Is Building An Online Business Like a Brick and Mortar Business

Building an online business is a bit like building a brick-and-mortar business offline. With an offline business you need an office to offer your products and services. With an online business the difference is that your office to showcase your products and services is your web space on the internet through your website.

So What Websites Did You Build To Upload To Your Webspace, Mark? …

I learnt that I would need both a good plan and a marketable product. One way to go about it, I thought, would be to build a website around my personal interests or hobbies because this would be fun to do. That way, when the going gets tough, the motivation to persevere would be more likely to prevail. However I found that my own interest and hobbies were not necessarily what the market was looking for. In fact, I realized that I should look at other people’s interests instead and build websites that give people the information they are looking for, such as this internet laptop lifestyle review site for example.

To start building an online business, I would need a product, a website, and learn how to drive traffic to the websites. Whilst I prefer to build my own websites and blogs, by joining affiliate programs I learnt that I did not have to worry about creating a website of my own because many affiliate programs do offer websites for free. However I was advised to learn how to modify the website to differentiate it from many others having the same program so that I would have some advantages over others.

Is There An Easy Way To Build An Online Business?

I also learnt on my own build an online business journey that one of the easiest ways to get into building an online business would be through affiliate marketing and finding an ‘all in one ‘ program that I could use to earn while I learn. I realized that if I wanted to build an online business that would give me an internet laptop lifestyle I would need to sign up to a two tier affiliate program that would allow me to earn referral commissions from the program owners’ products, a residual income from introducing  entrepreneurs into the business and a business that was ‘high ticket’ where I could earn commissions of $1,000 plus.

How Does The Six Figure Mentors Help Entrepreneurs With Building An Online Business?

The Six Figure Mentors helps us with building an online business because it has developed a ground-breaking platform that allows members to begin their own turn-key internet marketing business. This platform integrates instruction and education to help members create a low-overhead virtual office, and is jam-packed with business resources, tools, training, and full technical support.

My research eventually led me to join as an associate of this Six Figure Mentors business. The program contained all the elements I had been looking for to help me in building an online business and what I also liked is that it gave me access to a worldwide community of internet marketers whose values were not so much to promote their businesses and products to each other, but to share information and help one another as one big team. It is like walking into a big library, the only difference is that this is better because all the members have similar a interest, building an online business and they want to get answers and solutions to their questions and problems.

If you would like to read more about my journey from the days of working in a legal office through to working from home developing an internet laptop lifestyle business you may wish to visit my official online home and read my story.

At the start it can all be a bit overwhelming and many new to the world of building an online business suffer from information overload, I know I did. What I found was that I needed to learn how to not be an ‘opportunity seeker’ but to find out what the market wants and learn about how to be an online marketer who helps others through openly sharing information on what they are looking for.

The Six Figure Mentors has helped me maintain my focus and not jump from one opportunity to another. It is one of the better internet marketing programs I have seen and another benefit I have enjoyed is how it has centralized everything for me and made managing my business much easier from one central location.

It also provides me with a step by step approach to building an online business incrementally. The business exposes me to many possibilities incuding how to drive traffic to my websites and I enjoy working from home at my own set times.

When I started I noticed that many Internet entrepreneurs actually had mailing lists with thousands of subscribers. I learnt fast that, to build an online business successfully, I would have to learn about list building and share with my subscribers information that would be helpful on their own journeys. Again, the Six Figure Mentors also helps with list building training and if you visit the internet laptop lifestyle report page you wil be able to see what information I am offering to share with you today.

The Six Figure Mentors internet marketing training system is designed to help each member succeed, regardless of education or economic background. Here are some of the ways that the Six Figure Mentors have helped me with in building an online business:

1. Earn Whilst You Learn With The Members-Only Affiliate Program

2. Build Your Sites On WordPress With A Few Clicks

3. Unlimited Hosting

4. Simple Website Builder

5. Create Killer Landing Pages To Build Your List Fast

6. SFM Members-Only Community

7. Regular Q&A Live Video Broadcasts

8. Master Marketing Webinars

9. Step By Step Video Training

10. Technical Training Webinars

11. PDF Downloads & Documents

12. Personal Business Portfolio

The Six Figure Mentors have also introduced to the market an internet laptop lifestyle product and to see how this can help us further in building an online business I have written a full review at this link.

Building An Online Business

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Creating your own blog is an excellent way for you to provide visitors and customers with information at their fingertips, mine is  just a click away.

I keep my blog fresh and alive by posting interesting articles on building an online business on a regular basis.

Building An Online Business – Closing Remarks

In conclusion, if you want to be involved in building an online business, it is a real possibility. But please do not expect something for nothing. You need to invest in your effort, time, commitment and at least some financial input.

Once you’ve decided, go for it and don’t give up. What I found helped me through all this was to just keep going and not give in which is something that has stayed with me until this day. Focus on your goals and work through it all.

I was determined to get myself to a position where I could fulfil my responsibilities professionally in my previous careers and equally as determined later on to run a property and Internet business. Life gets in the way but don’t quit!

Winners Never Quit!

I hope that you find the information on this page helpful to you in your own journey towards building an online business and if you, like me, would like to work towards an internet laptop lifestyle building an online business from scratch then visit the official Internet Laptop Lifestyle Website here

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